Dropped Kerb in Swanland

In December 2020, Saltmer Construction installed a local authority approved dropped kerb for a customer in Swanland, East Riding of Yorkshire. 

Project overview

Our customer requested a quote and within two weeks the dropped kerb had been approved by the local council. And installed by Saltmer Construction. Leaving a very happy customer.

The dropped kerb project consisted of a few simple steps, all of which Saltmer Construction completed:

  1. Customer contacted Saltmer Construction requesting a quote for their dropped kerb.
  2. Saltmer Construction are hired as the contractor of choice. 
  3. Work commenced on the project, starting with digging out. 
  4. We excavated the existing tarmac and kerbs.
  5. We then relayed new dropped kerbs and tarmac on new concrete base.
  6. The area was then stoned up and compacted.
  7. The project is completed by tarmacing and compacting.

The finished project

The new dropped kerb was installed a completed in less than two weeks. And the finished project can be found below.

dropped kerb project in Swanland East Ridingdropped kerb Swanland East Riding of Yorkshire

Request a dropped kerb quote

If you are looking for a contractor in the East Riding of Yorkshire to install a new dropped kerb, look no further than Saltmer Construction. With over 25 years experience, and as a local council approved contractor, we can have your new dropped kerb completed to the right standard and at a fair price. Request a quote online today.