Street Furniture Installers in East Riding of Yorkshire

Here at Saltmer Construction we have been installing street furniture across the UK for over 25 years. Working closely with local councils and contractors to install a range of street furniture and traffic safety systems. 

What we do


Our work consists of a number of different street furniture installations, including:

  • Street lighting
  • Traffic chevrons
  • Traffic signs
  • Trenching

 In the past 25 years, we have covered a large amount of the UK. But most of our work is conducted across the East Riding of Yorkshire, York, Hull and Lincolnshire. 

Traffic chevrons in East Riding of Yorkshire


As local authority approved chevron installers, Saltmer Construction have completed a number of recent projects. Installing traffic safety chevrons for an array of roundabouts. We work alongside contractors and local councils to complete these installations. 

Traffic chevron installations are a critical part of any roundabout project, helping to keep motorists safe, and ensuring roundabouts meet the required standards set out by local authorities.

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Road & traffic signs

As well as installing chevrons, Saltmer Construction work with councils all over the North East of England to install traffic signs. Ranging from sign replacement, to new traffic signs. 

We have recently completed a number of projects across Beverley and the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

Trenching for street lighting

Saltmer Construction work with contractors and councils across the North East of England to complete trenching for street lighting - digging out the existing tarmac, and relaying once the trenching is completed.

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