Gravel Driveway Contractors in Beverley & East Riding of Yorkshire

With 25 years of experience we are a company who pride ourselves on affordable, yet high quality gravel driveways. Serving the whole of the East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull.

The benefits of gravel driveways


Gravel is one of the most popular choices when it comes to driveways. In our opinion, there are a few reasons why.

Firstly, gravel driveways are generally very durable. A well-laid gravel drive should be seen as a long term investment. Gravel does not crack like some of the other driveway materials, over time.

Secondly, gravel is one of the more cost effective solutions to a driveway renovation. In comparison to alternatives such as resin, or tarmac.

Another huge advantage of gravel is the array of different options available. You can choose many different types of stones. With options including various colours, sizes and shapes. Making it a popular choice with homeowners in 2021.

Our gravel driveway promise

Here at Saltmer Construction we operate on a no hidden costs policy. Meaning the price we quote you, is the price you pay. We also guarantee to match any like-for-like quotations you may have already received.

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